Stan Ware did a series of videos on various aspects of bolt timing, sleeving and repair. The bolt timing video in particular has helped people get a grasp of bolt timing. Enjoy.

Bolt Timing Video Series

Bolt Timing Video (Receiver Printing pt.1)

Timing is EVERYTHING…… timing means many things to different people. Take a peek at a few examples of some of the problems that come up when the bolt is not in time.

XP100 Raceway Boring (Receiver Printing pt.2)

Here we are boring a Remington XP100 action and getting it ready to install a Pacific Precision bolt.

Printing XP100 Receiver (Receiver Printing pt.3)

Here we’re going to set up the XP100 in a jig and true the face.

Truing of Threads and Lug Area (Receiver Printing pt.4)

Here we are finishing up of the truing of the threaded area which is normally out of round and not concentric to the raceway. We are also single point cutting the threads and truing the integral lugs. This should finish up the receiver work now and we will have a video on installing the new bolt and silver soldering it on.

Silver Soldering Bolt Handle (Receiver Printing pt.5)

Shown here we are setting up in the jig and silver soldering bolt handle to bolt body.

Bolt Cleanup and Polish (Receiver Printing pt.6)

This is the last Video on Raceway boring, printing the receiver, truing threads and integral lugs.

Pinning Remington 700 lug Videos

I have been asked to show a video on pinning a lug back to a Remington 700 action so it can be used as a switch barrel. The video shows the process using a Tubbs Lug.

completion of Remington lug pinning

Remington One Piece Bolt Sleeving

Here we are showing you the process for sleeving a Remington 700 bolt with a one piece sleeve. The process is shown in two separate videos due to the size.

Bad Bolt Setup and Repair

Bad Bolt Setup 1

We recently received this bolt fix. Because the bolt is such a good example of what the things you want to avoid. I put together this video. It’s a great example of what happens when the bolt is out of time or not in the correct position.

Bad Bolt set up 2

We encountered some more problems after machining the bolt handle off and installing the new Kiff bolt we found that the lugs were lapped at a angle and that we were loosing cam as we rotated the bolt. So, we decided to go back in and re-cut the integral lugs and true the bolt lugs.

Repair of Bolt Set up (Bad Bolt Setup 3)

Here we show you what was done to correct the bolt that was not installed correctly. The Kiff bolt (Pacific Precision) is a good system and laid out well. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to accurize his Remington 700 action.